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David Frary
The author's home site.

How to maintain a suburban garden. Garden pests. Garden companions. Flower galleries and much more.

Allotment Growing
Allotment diaries, photographs, advice about growing vegetables, fruits and herbs with a forum for chatting on the plot.

Moriati's Composting method.
An ingenious and efficient method of compost making at the right price: FREE




Special offer.

Domestic/Hobby site hosted with domain
Only £50.00 per year.

Special offer.

Static pages designed from £50.00.

You supply all text and images, with choice of templates.

Discounts for multiple pages of similar layout.


Dynamic database driven pages with cross-browser functionality.

All code to w3c web standards and meeting most usability and accessibility standards.


Louise Jones.

Website hosting and design.

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What is required for a website?

People frequently ask about what is involved putting a website on the Internet. Here is a brief list.

  • Purchase a domain name.
  • Rent space on a web server.
  • Create your pages.
  • Periodic update of pages.

Free server space is often bundled with an Internet connection but these are usually difficult to set up and usually contain adverts and other content over which you have no control. My hosting service includes a domain name (subject to availability) and will not include any intrusive adverts.

Site design can be simple with static pages, or complex with dynamic database driven pages providing content appropriate to the viewer's requirements. Costs vary according to the amount of work involved and I am happy to discuss this with you without commitment. All pages will be validated to w3c standards, meet basic accessibility standards and be cross-browser compliant in all modern browsers.

Some sites contain material or information that can quickly become dated and in these cases a maintenance contract may be desirable to ensure visitors to a site never see outdated material.

Page design.

Once you have your domain name and acquired space on a web server, all that is required is to have your pages designed and installed on your webspace. Web pages can be relatively simple or extremely complex, oftem written in several different computer languages. I will be happy to provide a design service at either end of the scale with prices starting from an introductory offer of only £50.00. Charges for page design is a one-off fee.


All text must be supplied to me in a simple text file which may contain comments indicating any style requirements. Fancy fonts should not be used as these may well not be available in the viewers browser. I will copy/paste the text removing comments but I will not be responsible for spelling or grammar errors.

Images and graphics.

To minimize costs, any images to be included should be supplied by yourself. These should be of a reasonable quality and in .jpg or .png format only.

Photographic and graphic design services are available should you require a fully bespoke service.

Maintenance and updating.

Complex websites may require regular modification and updating. This could be done by yourself via a purpose-built content management system with a web interface, or by me for a monthly or annual fee. Please enquire for details.