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Welcome to the holding page for This domain and website was originally ordered for another client who has since decided not to proceed with a web presence. As a result, this domain and website is now to let. If your name is Louise Jones or you are trading under this name, why not have your own website using this top-level domain.

Leaving a good domain name languishing in a parking lot is a waste so I have decided to design a very simple website to gain it some search engine ranking. While I have included a page about gardening this whole site could be totally re-built to reflect your business, whether it is as a musician, designer, artist, professional trade or academic, or simply a personal presence.

If you would like to have this site for promoting yourself or your business please contact me using the links at the bottom of the page. For general information about site hosting please view the page covering Web Hosting.

Container gardening.

Many city dwellers have little or no garden available to grow nice flowers but patios or balconies look more homely with a few pots or other plant containers dotted about. Plants in containers will require regular watering and often do not grow as large as similar plants growing in the border but generally do tend to display better.

Listed on the Container gardening page is a small selection of plants and seeds for sale all of which are suitable for planting in pots on the patio.